Aftermarket Accessories

Moulded Floor Protection

WeatherTech and Huskey floorliners accurately and completely lines the interior carpet giving "absolute interior protection"! The floorliner lines the interior carpet up the front, back and even up the sides of the vehicle's footwell. Digital laser measurements of interior surfaces offer a consistently perfect fit!

Helps Protect Resale Value

FloorLiners help protect resale value too! Simply put, the cost of owning a vehicle is the difference between what you pay for it and what you sell it for. There are many factors that influence resale value; mileage, exterior condition, maintenance history and of course interior condition.

Ask us if you are interested in or have questions about WeatherTech and Huskey products.

Our Most Popular Interior items:

  • FloorLiners and floor mats
  • Cargo/Trunk Liners for Cars, SUVs, and Minivans
  • Windshield and window sun shade
  • Seat Protector seat covers

Popular Pet Accessories:

  • Seat Protector: Ideal for families and pet owners as this water-repellent seat cover that protects against scratches and spills.
  • Pet Barrier- Keeps pets secure in vehicle behind the 2nd or 3rd row of seats

Our Most Popular Exterior items:

  • Side Window Deflectors (In window channel)
  • Pickup Truck Bed and Tailgate Protection
  • WeatherTech UnderLiner Pickup Truck Bed Liner
  • MudFlaps- Laser Measured for a perfect fit
  • Stone and Bug Deflectors for vehicle hood
  • Hood Protector- low profile aerodynamic protection for your hood
  • Rooftop Cargo Carrier: Mounted to the side rails or crossbar of the vehicle roof

Fender Flares

Fender flares are a popular vehicle accessory used to extend the fender and accommodate heavily offset and or oversized wheels and tires. Fender Flares ensure the vehicle is compliant with Canadian Vehicle equipment laws and keep rocks and road debris from hitting the body of the vehicle. This in turn can increase our resale value by reducing paint chipping.

With their recessed stainless steel bolts and massive presence, Pocket Style Fender Flares are an off-road icon. They give you the hard-core look of bolt-on flares, with no body-side sheet metal drilling required. Pocket Style Fender Flares are custom-designed for your vehicle to complement oversized tires and high-clearance lift kits. You can mount them right out of the box with their tough, OEM-style matte black finish they're UV protected so they won't chalk. You can also paint them to match or accent the body color for a factory-custom look.

Or For a more subtle change:

Give your truck the appearance of an upmarket trim level with an "OE" Style Fender Flare. They install in minutes with no drilling. And, they're designed specifically to complement your vehicle's styling, so it looks like it came from the factory that way, with a fit, finish, and level of protection that exceeds original equipment. These flares are now available pre-finished to match the paint on your new truck or SUV, plus they have the edge trim and stainless steel hardware pre-installed for quick and easy installation and a perfect fit-no drilling required.

Everything Auto & Truck can supply the two options above, and many styles in between to get the custom look you are trying to achieve with your vehicle. Call us today and we can help you accessorize.

Tonneau Covers

Installing a Tonneau Cover can add value, protect the truck bed and any cargo from the weather, increase security, and add some personal style. With a number of variations and options from a basic roll back soft cover to a spring-loaded retractable hard cover, selecting the cover that fits your needs, lifestyle and budget can be a tricky decision. Call Everything Auto & Truck today, and we can help you choose the option that works best for you specific needs. We have a few options on site, and catalogues to show you all your options.

Trailer Hitches

Trailer Hitches are an accessory that is attached to the rear a vehicle, to provide the ability for towing variety of different loads behind it. As a result, Trailer Hitches are available in an array of different styles that each offers a diverse range of towing and cargo needs.

The 2 most common types of Hitches are:

Trailer Hitch, this is the most common hitch at is typically mounted the frame of the vehicle and are most commonly used to tow/carry a small recreational/cargo trailers within 1,000-15,000 lbs

Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch, designed for heavy duty towing. These hitches are mounted to the bed of the truck and medium to larger recreational/cargo trailers within 15,000-30,000 lbs.

Lift Kits

If you have ever ridden around in a truck that is extremely high off the ground, you know the feeling of ultimate power you get from looking down at the cars on the road.

Body lift kits are designed to lift your truck or SUV one to three inches higher by putting a high grade nylon spacer between the body and the frame. Lift kits are specially made not to change the quality of how your truck rides. Most lift kits are not too expensive and they are more economical than suspension lifts. Because the shocks are not touched during the lift, new shocks are not required for lift kits. For people who like to go "off road," lift kits will give your tires more clearance while still retaining the factory suspension geometry and alignment.

Suspension lift kits are made to lift trucks as high as the owners wants. The primary goal of a suspension modification is to raise the body and frame of the vehicle to create additional ground clearance. This also provides room for larger tires and increases suspension travel, which refers to the amount of vertical wheel movement allowed by the suspension. This lift makes the suspension more articulate. Most, if not all of the components related to the suspension including shocks, struts, springs, control arms and in some cases steering and drive shaft components. This type of lift offers the most overall versatility of an all-around off-road vehicle. Everything Auto and Trucks recommends and installs this style for the average person wanting to lift their vehicle.

Several manufacturers make lift kits, or lift systems, specifically for this purpose. Before you invest in a lift kit, think about your off-road driving habits. And don't forget to think about the on-road driving you'll have to do. If you have a dedicated off-road vehicle -- one that will be towed to and from the trail -- you might consider an extreme kit. Most people aren't that lucky, so they choose a kit that provides good performance on both street and trail.

What suspension system will work best for you? It boils down to these four basic factors:

  • Vehicle type and stock suspension specifications
  • What the vehicle will be used for
  • Desired tire size
  • Your budget

Custom Wheels & Tires

Wheels are an integral part of your ride's look and performance. Nothing enhances the look of a vehicle like a new set of aftermarket wheels and tires. But, wheels come in a dizzying array of sizes, styles, and materials.

Putting custom wheels on your vehicle can spice up your ride to bring back some of that new-car excitement. New wheels can also improve driving performance.

But choosing tires and wheels for today's automobiles is a lot more complex than it used to be, given all the smart technology built into modern vehicles and the huge variety of manufactures and styles now available.

Stop in at Everything Auto & Truck, and we can help you put together a package fits the look you want for your vehicle. We can help you find something in your budget with the magnitude of our manufactures for both tires and rims. We haven't come across an item that a customer has wanted, and we were unable to supply to them.


Interested in updating your headlights to a custom design? Lighting is one of the easiest ways to differentiate your vehicle, with options for every budget, lifestyle or vehicle type.
Everything Auto & Truck has access to a variety of Projector, LED, U-Bar, Halo, and Euro designed headlights as well as your traditional Sealed Beam Light. We want to help you find the replacement bulbs or light covers for your headlights, Off-Road Lights, Tail Lights, Fog Lights, Signal Lights or any other aftermarket lighting accessory.